It’s Official! County Executive Elrich, First 11-Member County Council Sworn In

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and members of the County’s first 11-member County Council were sworn in at Montgomery County’s inaugural ceremony Monday at the Music Center at Strathmore.

MyMCM talked to Elrich and some of the 20th county councilmembers about this historic day.

The 20th Council incumbents are Gabe Albornoz (at-large), Evan Glass (at-large), Will Jawando (at-large), Andrew Friedson (new District 1) and Sidney Katz (new District 3). Newly elected Councilmembers are Laurie-Anne Sayles (at-large), Marilyn Balcombe (new District 2), Kate Stewart (new District 4), Kristin Mink (new District 5), Natali Fani-González (new District 6) and Dawn Luedtke (new District 7).


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