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Fresno Rear-End Collision Lawyer Helping Clients Get Compensated for Their Injuries

当他们开车时,没有人会想到会发生事故. 不幸的是,车祸每天都在弗雷斯诺的街道上发生. Many of these accidents are rear-end collisions where the rear driver is distracted and doesn’t realize the car in front has slowed or stopped. However, there are some cases where the front driver is at fault because they violated traffic laws by changing lanes without signaling or stopping unnecessarily and without warning.

If you or a passenger in your vehicle is suffering because of injuries in a rear-end car accident that wasn’t your fault, you could recover damages that go beyond what insurance coverage will pay. 作为人身伤害的受害者,你有合法的选择. Your best hope of making a full financial recovery is to consult with an experienced 人身伤害律师 谁能帮你获得医疗费等赔偿, lost wages, 惩罚性损害赔偿, and more.

To learn more about your rights as a car crash victim, reach out to our law firm right away. 日博备用网站每天都处理人身伤害案件,日博备用网站追尾事故律师 will discuss the details of your situation to identify how we can help you. 不要指望保险公司给你公平的赔偿. Call 纽尼斯法律有限公司 to learn more about bringing a lawsuit for your injuries. 你可以通过 (559) 702-5124 安排一次免费咨询.


追尾事故的发生有很多原因. Some of the most common reasons are drivers not keeping a safe distance between them and the car in front, 也被称为尾随, 分心驾驶.


  • 开车时发短信
  • 开车时吃东西或喝酒
  • Engaging in other distracting behavior, such as electronic use or putting on make-up while driving
  • 疲劳驾驶
  • 在恶劣天气下驾驶
  • 高速驾驶
  • 其他鲁莽驾驶,如突然变道
  • 前面的司机突然停车
  • 刹车因保养不善而失灵
  • 在药物或酒精的影响下开车

如果你因为其他司机的错误决定而受伤, 比如边开车边玩手机或酒后驾车, you should have help covering the medical expenses you wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for their bad choices. 你有应该受到保护的合法权利. Reach out to our talented legal team right away for legal help in bringing a claim against the at-fault party.


Although rear-end collisions aren’t known for having the most serious and dramatic injuries, victims of a rear-end accident may experience severe pain and suffering following the incident, 更不用说昂贵的医疗费用和痛苦的康复.


  • 创伤性脑损伤(TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • 软组织损伤,如肌肉扭伤和肌腱撕裂
  • 碎玻璃造成的割伤和撕裂
  • Whiplash
  • 脊髓损伤
  • 内脏损伤
  • 情绪困扰
  • 精神创伤

If you or a loved one has one of the above or another injury following a rear-end crash, 你需要知识渊博的人的帮助, 富有同情心的追尾事故律师. At 纽尼斯法律有限公司, we promise to stand by your side as you seek justice for the damage caused to you and your family. We will investigate your accident to prove that you were not at fault so you can recover the maximum compensation you deserve.


Rear-end auto accident victims are entitled to compensation when they are severely injured because of another person’s negligence. 这种赔偿包括经济损失和非经济损失.


Economic damages are items that can be calculated based on the exact amount of money spent or lost. 例如,在这一类别中,您可能获得的损害赔偿包括:

  • 医生的访问
  • 医院收费
  • 救护车费用
  • 看脊医和其他专家的费用
  • 外科手术
  • 医疗设备,如拐杖或轮椅
  • 物理治疗
  • 损失的收入,包括工资、福利和奖金
  • 赚钱能力下降
  • 财产损失


This category includes damages that are more difficult to assign a numerical value. 受害者可能获得的一些非经济损失包括:

  • 痛苦和折磨
  • 情感创伤
  • Distress
  • 失去生活的乐趣
  • 毁容:毁容,如失明或失去肢体
  • 如果受害者是你的配偶就失去了合作关系
  • Wrongful Death


Finally, some victims are awarded 惩罚性损害赔偿 if the at-fault party committed a crime that caused their injuries. 在下列情况下,可判予惩罚性损害赔偿:

  • 酒后驾车
  • 酒后驾车
  • 超速驾驶
  • 打了就跑的碰撞
  • 有意的事故
  • 由街头赛车或其他危险行为引起的事故

车祸后的伤害会造成持久的伤害, 特别是如果他们阻止受害者重返工作岗位. This makes paying medical bills nearly impossible, creating a heavy burden for the whole family. 请立即与日博备用网站联系,以便为您的受伤获得尽可能多的赔偿.


卷入车祸可不是件容易的事. When your collision occurs because of someone else’s negligent behavior or wrongdoing, 你可能会感到沮丧和困惑,不知道该做什么. Please reach out to our law firm to learn more about your legal options and let us help you determine whether bringing a lawsuit is right for you.

Many victims hesitate to bring a claim against the at-fault party because they don’t want to seek revenge. 然而,采取法律行动并不是为了报复. It is about getting help for costs you didn’t deserve but were caused by someone else’s poor choices. 保险公司很少提供公平的赔偿, so you should always speak with a legal representative before accepting payment from an insurer or anyone else.

At 纽尼斯法律有限公司, we have spent decades helping victims like you get the compensation they deserve. Let us fight on your side to protect your rights and help you make a full financial recovery. We will focus on the legal battle so you can rest and recover from your injuries. Call (559) 702-5124 today to discuss your accident with our caring and compassionate legal team in a free case evaluation.